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Sewer Line Repair in Springfield, MOSewer Line Repair Services in Southwest Missouri

Plenty of issues can result in the need for sewer line repair. Broken and clogged lines are two of the most common reasons people seek out the repair for their sewer lines, and we can definitely help you with that!

This kind of damage can result in some frustrating and difficult to solve plumbing issues, so act quickly if you notice any warning signs to avoid further damage in your house.

Warning Signs That You Need to Call Us For Sewer Repair

Since plumbing systems are so connected, it can be confusing trying to isolate the problem. With sewer line damage, the entire drainage system will be affected. Backup from every sink and shower suggests a problem with the mainline, while drainage issues limited to a single area probably mean a smaller plumbing issue. Either way, 24 Hour Plumbing is here to help you!

Even slow drainage without backup can be a sign of damage if it’s consistent all over the house. A noticeable sewer gas smell is another sign that a pipe can be cracked or broken somewhere. Cracks in your lawn, foundation, or other ground also suggest that the line is broken.

Causes of a Damaged Sewer Line

If your sewer line is showing signs of damage, it’s natural to have questions about what caused it. In older homes, the once-popular clay pipes may be one cause. Clay can fall apart or crack easily, especially after years of use. Otherwise, settling in pipes and collapsed pipes can result in plumbing issues.

Built-up oil and fat can cause clogs, along with other objects that may have found their way into the line. Tree roots are another common source of blockages in pipes, and arguably the most common. They grow out in all directions, looking for water. Since the pipes house wastewater, roots often work their way into the sewer line over time. Other causes include:

• Age
• Heavy stress
• Shifting earth
• Extreme weather 

The Repair Process with 24 Hour Plumbing

For best results, contact the best sewer line repair plumbers in Springfield, MO. Sewer line replacement is an intensive process, and our group of experts can help you finish this job correctly and efficiently. The process typically requires digging a trench to expose the length of the line.

The new installation must connect to the public sewer at the correct depth and use quality pipe that will last a long time and resist stress, tree roots, and more. After the installation is complete, our repair team will fill the trench again to smooth over the area.

Day or night, you can rely on 24 Hour Plumbing to be available for your plumbing needs, including sewer line repair. Our expert repair team is friendly, arrives promptly, and they can complete the job efficiently, so contact us today to learn more about our services. 

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